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Glasgow fast food workers strike over pay

Written by on 4th October 2018

Workers from Glasgow fast food chains have gone on strike in a dispute over pay and lack of union recognition.

Staff from McDonalds, TGI Fridays and Uber Eats took to George Square today alongside campaigners Better Than Zero in a display of solidarity.

There are demands for an end to exploitation of workers in the industry, including the increased use of zero-hour contracts.

Suzi Murning, community organiser for the Labour party, told Radio Caley: “I worked for six years on a zero-hour contract while I was at uni and it was great – it offered me a lot of flexibility.


Reporters Oliver Wright and Fraser Nicoll talked to the strikers.

“When I left uni, it was a long time before I found a full-time job and I was still on a zero-hours contract. I had rent to pay, I had bills and it was terrible.

“No matter how useful it was for me as a student, I would always stand in solidarity with those who don’t find it useful.

“What you are sacrificing for those who are struggling to pay their rent and struggling to lead dignified lives on their income, that’s worth so much more than the flexibility that it gives some people.”

There is expected to be disruption to the industry, with protesting Uber Eats couriers not accepting deliveries.

Sam Watt, Co-Founder of Couriers Network Scotland, said: “When we began working with Uber Eats, we were told we wouldn’t get anything below £4 per delivery, and now we are seeing £3.50 a delivery at times.

“We are making a nationwide demand of £5 per drop plus £1 per mile and that will be the start of better working conditions for us.

“We expect to see a large number of people, not participating in their deliveries today as part of the strike action.”

Radio Caley did contact Uber Eats but have not received a response.

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