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GCU society celebrates National Coming Out Day

Written by on 10th October 2018

GCU is coming out and getting the party started.

To celebrate National Coming Out Day 2018, the university’s LGBT+ Liberation group is holding a party in its honour.

National Coming Out Day was originated back in 1987 when half a million people marched for gay and lesbian rights, since then every year on October 11 th National Coming Out Day has been used to promote a safe world for LGBTQ+ individuals to live truthfully and openly.

For the 2018 edition of Coming Out Day Human Rights Campaign have launched an extensive digital campaign featuring inspirational stories from the likes of Brendan Urie and Janelle Monáe.

Human rights campaign president Chad Griffin said the following about the event “Coming out can
be one of the most courageous acts an LGBTQ person makes, and that courage is inextricably tied to our continued progress toward full equality,”

Fraser Knight, deputy LGBT and liberation officer, said: “Coming out is one of the biggest experiences for any member of the LGBT+ community.

“For most people, it’s a weight off their shoulders and an inspiring day leading to the rest of your life.

“For some, however, it can be a difficult experience which has huge implications on your life. Despite this, coming out let’s a person be true to themselves and live their life they want to.

“Coming out day is about the community coming together and supporting one another to make sure we celebrate coming out, and don’t fear it. We should have the right to be happy in our lives, and not have to hide a fact that frankly makes up most of our day-to-day lives.

“One day we’ll get to the point where we don’t have to come out. Or where heterosexuals will have to own up to the fact they’re straight, the same way we do as bisexuals and homosexuals.

“Our coming out party will allow us to share experiences with each other and be happy about being true to ourselves.”

In 2018 it was found that 42 percent of students had hidden their LGBTQ+ identities due to fear of
discrimination leading to an emphasis on how important these types of events are.

The GCU LGBT+ Liberation group’s event will take place in Room NH208 in the Student Association’s
building on October 11 th between 6 and 8PM with snacks and refreshments being provided.


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