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The Snuts at St Luke’s: A Biblical Night

Written by on 26th October 2018

Coming off the back of a very exciting year; from playing sold-out shows in February to smashing the King Tuts stage at TRNSMT and now a line-up of shows all around the UK, The Snuts have been killing the game as high-flying rock stars. But, the four happy-go-lucky guys we all love to watch smash up the stage are just as funny and down-to-earth as people. Walking into the dressing room, I felt at ease with the boys and got straight into asking them about how this past year has been for them:


J-It’s been spectacular.


C-Aye, at some point last year we wrote a list of things that, at the time, we wanted to do and wanted to make happen, and every single one of them has happened. Except jack learning how to drive!


J-Aye, I also made a list of everything I wanted to do, and it was all ridiculous things like, sell out king tuts, go on tour, stuff like that and everything happened apart from me learning to drive!


One of the most unique things about this band is their ability to make every song they sing catchy and likeable, making the audience sing along every-time.


J- The process is usually me just writing a song on the guitar, and then I play it around the other guys and if anybody picks up on it, and starts to massage my ego a wee bit. Then, we will just pick it up from there and everybody will add their own piece to the song and we will put songs together that way.


When it comes to inspiration, The Snuts draw this from the usual suspects of The View, Arctic Monkeys etc but I queried if the inspirations changed as their sound has evolved.


C-Yeah, well, I just think that we’ve got like a wider scope of music now. When we first started out, we were just wee indie kids with skin-tight jeans and stupid bracelets but like, now we listen to everything and everyone draws their own influences from all different genres.


J-It’s something we never talk about like, we want to sound more like this band or that band. We’re always more focused on not sounding like anybody else, not sounding like the bands that we love. Just because it’s been done and it’s not something we would enjoy. It’s about making our own noise.


In terms of 2019, The Snuts are planning on hitting big festivals and touring as far across Europe as they can. The main aim is clear: let the people be a part of the music.


Written by Abbie Meehan

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