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Bad Sounds – A Night to Get Better

Written by on 1st November 2018

When the opportunity arised to interview electric pop power duo ‘Bad Sounds’, I had to take it. Following on from the release of their debut album ‘Get Better’, the band announced a UK tour. I attended their gig at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow, where I also got the chance to catch up with the band before they performed their energetic, fun-filled show.

The first thing I immediately noticed about brothers Callum and Ewan Merrett was how chilled out and down to earth they both were. They were lovely to speak to and gave me a true insight into what Bad Sounds are all about. This included getting the inside gossip on why they are actually called ‘Bad Sounds’.

Callum – It’s a really boring story to be fair. Before we started trying to be a band, me and Ewan were recording and writing demos together and we had this song that we really liked but all the sounds on the demo were quite naff sounding. So we saved the demo as ‘Bad Sounds’ because we liked the song and then much later, we were looking for band names and had a list of terrible band names so we ended up scrapping it and going as ‘Bad Sounds.’

The band opened up their show with much loved song ‘Wages’ off of the new album. This song has also proved to be popular through the video game FIFA 18 and is played frequently. The song is upbeat and catchy alongside the rest of their track list, so I wanted to know whether there were any key musicians who helped to influence their musical style.

Callum – Absolutely loads!

Ewan – There’s a production duo called ‘Dust Brothers’ who are like an overlay between Beck and the Beastie Boys, and they do loads of choppy mad stuff between different genres so that was definitely a name that came up a lot when we started recording.

Their new album features a diverse track list from funky to upbeat. I was interested to know their personal favourite tracks off the new album.

Callum – Another Man and Thomas is A Killer are my favourite two. Another Man was the hardest one to write because it barely changes and all the chords are the same the whole way through.

It is always interesting to know how the band first started and what got them into playing and performing music.

Callum – Our Dad played guitar when we were very young and I think because we always had instruments in the house, we were always going to play.

Bad Sounds are continuing to tour across the UK, promoting their debut album ‘Get Better. You can stream it on all major music platforms.

Written by Chloe Burrell

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