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King Nun at The Garage 16/11/12

Written by on 22nd November 2018

Me: How’s the tour going so far?


Theo: It’s going fantastic! Its our first headline tour so we’re sort of learning the ins and outs of what that is for us as performers and we’re amazed at how our crowds have been lovely and dancey and really receptive, Which is something going into this you got doubts and fears about but luckily its panned out for the best so far and hopefully it’ll stay that way.


Me: How does it feel to be on your first headline tour? I’m sure that must be an emotional experience for you.


Theo: Yeah I’m sure it will be once its all over but these things get organised so quickly and we’ve had so many strokes of luck and we’re in a perpetual state of being grateful. When that kinda happens you just kinda block out everything else and just work and just get down on the music right now, so I think it’s a little overwhelming in the crowds there that night but the fact that we’ve actually done a headline tour its probably going to hit me in the back of the head when we get off tour.


Me: A week ago today you released your first EP “I Have Love”, how’s the reception been so far?


Theo: It’s been beautiful, it’s been amazing. I mean granted I haven’t been looking like particularly hard because I’m kinda scared honestly I mean that’s just how we are. But from what I’ve read and from what’s been shoved in my face by like the overexcited or “on-par” excited other members of my band the stuff has been amazing and brilliant and I’m really really happy people like it.


Me: The band just came off a UK Tour supporting your labelmates Pale Waves, what was that experience like?


Theo: Those were like the biggest venues we’ve probably ever played and the most packed out venues we’ve ever played so I think playing to that many people was a beautiful thing because we want to steal their fans (laughs). But also because it let us know we’re really comfortable on bigger stages like having this much more space, because we’re used to clubs like clubs is in our bloods, but I mean having those bigger stages where you could really fucking make a song and dance out of the whole thing. It was really informative and a really lovely experience, also Pale Waves are like the loveliest people on the planet so off the stage they are just fantastic marvellous people.


Me: With your label Dirty Hit there is a lineage of bands like The 1975, Wolf Alice, Pale Waves etc. Do you guys feel under pressure with that?


Theo: I feel the only pressure is getting our own music at a standard, I feel like looking at the size of other bands doesn’t really phase me as much because I think in our own rights I wont stop running for that level until I am dead and mark my words we’re going to do it some day. So it’s like I don’t feel under any particular pressure according to them I think the real pressure is within us as a group to get the music right into a place where we can give what we’ve been given in music.


Me: Going back to the EP, what would you say is your biggest inspiration for it?


Theo: It was like having gone through a breakup walking around at midnight listening to Beck. It’s embarrassing I know but part of the EP is kinda embracing that and kind of having a laugh at these times in your life which can be really hard to get through at the time. I mean it was sort of like as well as this breakup I was really quite messed up at that time as well I was just being a proper insomniac and not really sleeping, hence walking around at night a lot. And then we wrote the title track for this EP “I Have Love” and we did the chorus and we were like oh my god this EP can come as a turn around and can come as something to rise out of this time of our lives and give birth to a new one. It can be our love songs and once we’re done with love songs we can move on so it was like as far as musical influences go I can’t think of anyone else except Beck because he has one album called “Sea change” and it’s the most amazing im feeling sorry for myself album ever and I was listening to that a lot. As far as the four of us combined the usual influences are like 70s punk bands, so in my head when I think back to the time we were recording it I think Beck but if I were to put my head into the brain of King Nun it would be Lou Reed, Velvet Underground, Lou Reed and Velvet Underground, Dead Boys, Television.


Me: Last but not least what’s your favourite part about coming to Glasgow?


Theo:  The architecture and the people, it’s like I think people are extremely friendly here. Really if you go north from London people are much nicer cause London is a ridiculous and miserable place but I think that joint with how beautiful this city, this city is absolutely beautiful it’s like the sort of architecture that moves away from what I’m used to because London is built in brutalism and everything is squares and is rebuilt from the second world war in a way that was like productive and  was easy to get done quickly. Glasgow doesn’t look like that, Glasgow looks like people with souls built the buildings like you can see these old flat structures with like Gargoyles up on the edge of the roofs and that’s beautiful and it looks like a passionate city because of that and I bloody wish London would’ve taken that into account after the war but whatever.

Written by Adam Fraser

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