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Interview with the DMA’s

Written by on 13th December 2018

I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to interview the DMA’s when it arose for their weekend performing in the Glasgow Barrowlands. I sat down with lead singer Tommy O’Dell. The Australian indie-rock band lit up the Barrowlands last weekend with two nights performing. The DMA’s have had a huge year performing at Reading and Leeds and Glasgow Summer Sessions as well as being referred to as biblical by Liam Gallagher. 

Siobhan – “what made you guys start a band?”

Tommy – “I guess we thought it looked cool as an initial reason when we were really young, and for something to do, like a hobby to keep us out of trouble. It’s a good way to spend time” 

Chloe – “what are your musical inspirations? Are there any musicians in particular who have helped influence the music you write?”

Tommy – “for sure, there are loads of different artists we get influenced by. For me on a personal level, I guess bands like The Stone Roses, Oasis, My Bloody Valentine, REM, Crowded House, Nirvana. All those kinda bands as a singer I’ve looked up too growing up.”

Siobhan – “What’s your favourite thing about performing on stage in front of an audience?” 

Tommy – “I would say when people sing the songs back to you which takes a while because you spend a long time in a band. It takes time for people to get to know your music at that level. I guess we are finally at that point where people know the songs really well and the music is connecting with people, so yeah I think that is probably my favourite part of performing and seeing people enjoy the music.”

Chloe – “Are there any other musicians you would like to collaborate with in the future?”

Tommy – “Yeah, I’d like to do some stuff with dance producers particularly something entirely different. I briefly worked with the guy from the Presets, they’re an Australian dance group. I really enjoyed working with them cause you just sing anything in the studio and they take it away and chop it up so when you get it back it’s this perfect song. 

Chloe – “I saw you guys at Summer Sessions supporting Kasabian in August and it was an amazing concert. Do you enjoy doing festivals like that?”

Tommy- “For sure, particularly like if the line-up is good. We were lucky enough to play with Kasabian who are one of my favourite bands. It’s always a nice atmosphere with festivals, everyone’s up for a good time and it’s nice to share the field with other good bands.”

Siobhan – “What’s your favourite thing about performing in Glasgow?”

Tommy – “The crowds, obviously. They’re really good, it always surprises me how into it they are. Probably the most out of anywhere I’ve played to be honest, and Scotland in general.”

Chloe – “What would you say is your overall favourite venue to perform in?”

Tommy – “This one definitely one of them, and I’m not just saying that. There’s something about this place, I think it’s cause its old and got history, it’s not sterile. A lot of venues sound good and look good I guess but they just feel new and there’s no atmosphere. There’s also a theatre in Sydney near where I live which I’ve saw some of my favourite artists in there growing up, so to play there this year is quite special as well.”

Siobhan – “How would you say your music has evolved since you started out?”

Tommy – “Well I guess it’s a little less garagey, garage rocky, we used to have a different approach to recording when we first started. We were a bit more like rough and ready, and didn’t spend too much time on certain bits and just layered things over the top of each other which is cool for the time it was but I think now we are trying too spend more time on perfecting the sounds a bit more and making the vocals stand out a bit more and experimenting with synths. There’s less guitars predominantly I guess, so our next album should be a development of songs like Time and Money I think that’s where the next album will start.”

Chloe – “Just a final question, what’s next for the band? Are there any more music that you’re hoping to make?”

Tommy – “We’ve got a tour over new years and stuff back home and we hope to release music next year. Definitely next year at some point, we will release a single or something like that. We’ve got lots of work to do but new music definitely.”

The DMA’s UK tour finishes in London on December 17thbefore heading back to Australia to perform at a festival all across the country whilst spending New Years in Byron Bay. As far as 2019 goes, the DMA’s are back in the UK to perform at Heaton Park in June. With new music and more gigs, 2019 will surely be a year to remember for the DMA’s. 

Written by Siobhan Macdonald 

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