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The final stretch: A student’s guide to Trimester B

Written by on 26th January 2019

I can hear the collective groan from my bus as I pull into Buchanan Bus Station on Monday morning.

God no, why do we have to go back to university and deal with mountains of assignments and deadlines, can’t we have more than 6 weeks off?

But, alas, these degrees won’t write themselves and we all have to snap back to reality at some stage. (Note the Eminem reference.)

However, in my many wise years of surviving stress and trauma surrounding coursework, I have curated a list of handy tips (survival skills if you will) in order to keep afloat during these coming weeks of Trimester B.

Pace yourself

First of all, don’t do assigned work too early in advance. I may be met with disagreements from some of my more diligent classmates and most lecturers, but I embrace the hate!

I personally believe that starting an assignment then leaving it a few days to mull over is a much more reasonable plan than doing it all months before it is due.

Comparing my first year results to now, and not taking into account my experience gained over the year, I believe leaving a decent portion of an
assignment due to the last week it can be done is a good way to get top grades.

After all, diamonds are made under pressure!

Read the recommended books

Another tip would be to take in some of the subtle hints lecturers will make about certain reading materials or sources for essays that are hidden, sometimes not very well, in the many lectures you will sit through this trimester. One of the best things about studying journalism as a degree is, many of my lecturers like to write books and assign said books as reading material for the course.

Now I know what you’re thinking, what a clever ploy to boost book sales! That may be the case in some situations but I have found that the books written by my lecturers are actually helpful to my degree and act as a hypothetical answer guide to some of the assignments set or presentations to be put forward during classes.

Keep your contacts close

Another handy tip is to always keep a note of people you should go to if ever you find yourself in bother and need to speak to an advisor of some sort.

This may seem self explanatory but I have run into problems during my time here and been kind of lost as of who to turn to when in need. So, know who your personal tutor is, who your programme / module leaders are and always know that help is there when and where you need it , at all times.

Go to class – but enjoy!

To finish off, do your work, go to class and most of all, enjoy your time at university. You are only this young once and as much as it is to be taken seriously, you are allowed to go out and have fun while still being an attentive, hardworking student!

Abbie Meehan

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