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Interview with allusinlove

Written by on 6th February 2019

I had the incredible opportunity to meet the lovely musicians of the band allusinlove. Down-to-earth, highly motivated and full of energy, they made the crowd go wild with smashing songs like ‘Bad Girls’ and ‘All Good People’. I sat down with the vocalist of allusinlove, Jason Moules, to discuss their UK tour, latest EP and the future of the band. 

Tsvetelina:How has the tour been so far?

Jason:It’s been amazing. It’s been incredible, actually. We’ve not toured for just over a year, maybe even longer. It’s surprising that people still want to come and watch us play, so that’s really good. Like, it’s nice to be back in Scotland, so it’s been awesome.

Tsvetelina:Lovely. You have a few special guests on this tour. How did you come up with them and how has it been touring with them?

Jason:So far, we’ve played with Carry The Crown and they’re gonna be on a few dates. I actually grew up with the singer, so he’s from the same town as me. 

Tsvetelina:You released your EP last year and it’s so diverse and interesting. What was your main inspiration musically and lyrically for it?

Jason:It’s longing mostly, like a lot of confusion. About life and just people – how you feel about them and stuff. And sex. Just stuff, I think, everybody goes through, mostly. It’s hard to talk about, I haven’t thought much about it. Other than actual subjects, it’s feelings, as well. Live musicians, they can create a feeling that’s not something you can describe but it can take you somewhere. I like stuff I can listen to. If I make a song and I can listen to it after, we’ve won. Sometimes you can make music and be like ‘I don’t actually like that. Why have I done that?’

Tsvetelina:You also decided to change the band’s name. What was the main reason and how has that changed the band as a whole? [allusinlove were previously called ‘allusondrugs’]

Jason:Mostly for business visas. It’s probably not great to have a particular word when travelling. 

Tsvetelina:It’s controversial, as well.

Jason:I guess but it shouldn’t be. Lots of people got the wrong impression of us. They probably thought we’re quite standoff-ish, probably nob eds. But we just like talking to people, meeting new people. Being called allusinlove is a lot more appropriate, I’d say. But mostly business visas. We just wanna travel and see the world and play f****** arenas and stadiums, so it’s gonna be a lot easier this way. 

Tsvetelina:I think you can achieve it.

Jason:I hope so. We started with a 5-year plan to sell 10 million records and we’ve not met it, obviously, but we’ve changed the goal post now – 7 and a half years – 10 million records. That’s what we want. Even if we don’t achieve it, we’ll still have a good time because it will be fun.

Tsvetelina:That’s the best part.

Jason:Yeah, totally. We get to just travel and play music and meet nice people all the time. Like we’ve got a friend here Jenny who’s from Glasgow and she’s been to see all of our gigs here. She used to make us sandwiches and bring us things to eat. We found out she’s in a band, as well, so the last time we played in Glasgow, she played with us and their band was f****** amazing. Like all we swap instruments and playing instruments together. I stayed with them that night and we all just improvised until morning, until we fell asleep and it was fun. I was working in a Warehouse, at McDonald’s and I kinda didn’t want to. If I’ve got another option, I’m definitely not going to be doing that.

Tsvetelina:There are a lot of new artists and bands but who would you like to collaborate with the most?

Jason:Perfume Genius. He’s a chap from America, I think he’s from Seattle. He makes really amazing music. There’s a girl called Anna Calvi. Let’s not say a girl, she’s a woman, she’s older than me. She’s from the UK. She’s amazing. We were really lucky with the people we made the album with, the EP. We’re a four-piece band but I would say in the studio we were a seven-piece band because of our producers and our engineers. They were helping us and creating with us, so just to work with them again would actually be really nice. Hopefully, the second record, we’re gonna do it with all the same people because they were just incredible. They’ve some of our favourite records, everyone between from Smashing Pumpkins to My Bloody Valentine and Warpaint. That’s all the music that I enjoy listening to and then the people who made that music are making music with us now. I just want to collaborate again with them, I guess. Because why not? The formula is good.

Tsvetelina: So, are there plans for the next record already?

Jason: Yeah, yeah. Totally. It’s probably gonna be done by the end of the year if we’re on schedule and we’ve got the time for it. We just go flying through it now. We’ve waited so long to make our first, so now it’s just about getting out there touring, playing as much as we can. It’s gonna be so much better. No one’s heard the first record yet, it’s not come out and it’s amazing. It’s really good, I promise you. If you ever get the chance to listen to it, it’s awesome. But the second one is gonna be even better because all this experience we’ll have behind it, so I’m looking forward to it. Having prospects. 

Tsvetelina:Finally, we have a last question: What’s the best part of Glasgow?

Jason: I’d say the night life, the bars and the people. Scottish people are amazing. They’re really honest and bubbly and funny. I’d say the worst part about Glasgow is not being able to drink outside. You can’t go to a park and crack open a beer. I shouldn’t be talking about the negative things but it’s lovely. Just the people in general. Especially, the music scene is really good, as well. Bands like VUKOVI, Fatherson. Just awesome bands and awesome music, as well. Scotland is rad.

Written by Tsvetelina Peneva

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