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Seafret Interview 28/02/19

Written by on 1st March 2019

I walked into the small underground cave and was met with fairy lights strung across the brick walls, candles lighting my way and the soft guitar strums from Bridlington duo Seafret. 

I was nervous as I approached to interview them, suddenly feeling star struck that the small band I had fallen in love with as soon as I had heard the opening chords of ‘Oceans’ were standing merely a few feet in front of me.

I went into the back room being used as a dressing room to meet with the band. I was curious to know just how they had come to meet.

Jack – Both of our parents and our Dads were in bands but it was always my Dads thing, I never sung or anything till I was 18 and then met Harry the first night I went to this open mic night and Harry was playing a little banjo.

Harry – I was rocking the banjo that evening, like my Dads Americana band. There were always guitars about the house and I grew up with them playing so just on the off chance I picked it up and thought it was alright. I ended up a few months later being in this country blue brass band playing the banjo.

The band were so down to earth as they chatted to me, Jack sipping a giant mug of tea appearing very relaxed despite this being their first performance in Edinburgh. With my favourite song of theirs being Oceans, I wanted to know what songs they most enjoyed performing live.

Harry – I’m really loving playing the new single ‘Loving You’ at the minute just because it’s fresh but then I’ve always loved playing ‘Be There’.

Jack – I like Bad Blood so there’s quite a few! It does change and it depends how the performance goes. It’s usually pretty solid. It depends on the venue and the crowd.

Following on from this, I asked the band what their favourite venue to perform in was.

Harry – We did The Roundhouse in London, that was pretty special. We’ve done it twice, we’ve done it as a band and acoustically and acoustically was so much fun, just us two.

Jack – We actually played Copenhagen this time, that was good. 

Having always wondered where the name ‘Seafret’ came from, I asked.

Jack – We got a gig before we got a band name and we didn’t want to be called just ‘Jack and Harry’. Growing up by the sea and guitar being the only instrument when we met in the band we took the fret from the guitar fret and growing up by the sea we put it together and got Seafret.

Harry – It’s actually a sea mist as well that comes in off the sea. We didn’t know it at the time but when it starts to get warm, it just comes in off the sea.

Lastly, I decided to ask the band if they could collaborate with any artist on a song, who would they choose and why.

Jack – I’d like to have a jam with Jack White.

Harry – That would be my answer, I just love Jack White! I think he’s brilliant.

Jack – What about Skrillex? Me, you and Skrillex going down the pub. I reckon we’d have a good time.

You can stream Seafret on Spotify and listen to their new single here

Written by Chloe Burrell 

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