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Katie Palmer – ‘Something New’ Album Review

Written by on 23rd May 2020

Written by Rachel Gibson

This album truly is Something New for all involved, a new beginning for young Ayrshire-born singer Katie Palmer as her debut album and a new treat to the ears for all who stumble upon it. I accidentally came across Katie’s work, and I am so thankful that I did. Her music is truly a  wonder and the raw talent in her voice unbeatable – not to mention there’s nothing better than coming across a local artist.

‘Something New’ is her debut album, however having a few singles released made the suspenseful wait for the release of the album even better, as I knew if they were anything alike those prior singles she was on route to have a successful and lengthy career in the music industry. I was surprised in the best way on the date of its release as she has somehow managed to completely blow it out of the water and create something even better with ‘Something New’.

As a whole the album has tones of hopefulness and positivity with each featuring heavily in a large majority of the songs – or perhaps the current social climate has clouded my vision on this slightly – yet regardless it seems like this is exactly what anyone and everyone needs to hear in this confusing and unpredictable time. Katie’s voice is inarguably so calm and peaceful, each song brings ease to the listener and the acoustic guitar in most of the songs, notably Photograph, compliments this beautifully. I could ramble on for ages about the natural excellence of her voice, however I do feel that you would get bored reading so I decided to pick out my favourite two songs to say a little about.

‘Something New’ was destined to be a banger on the album being the titular song therefore the one we would always pay attention to. Again in these unprecedented times a song like this could not be better, a positive message and the lyrics ‘just make the most of what you have’ just before the chorus sticking in my mind. These lyrics are perfect and the beat soft and soothing, a real relaxing song with a message that’s important now and at every other stage in our lives; that there is always something new to look towards. Katies label recently posted on Instagram (@F32records) that they are making a music video for this song compiled of videos of people doing tasks/activities while in lockdown and I couldn’t think of a better way to visualise this song. The video came out just a few days ago and it honestly artistically captures the beauty of this song perfectly.

The other song that stood out to me most was the last song on the album, ‘Believe in Me’. The placement of this song on the album just adds to the brilliance of it, as it can be seen as this new young artist asking you once you’ve listened to her art to believe in her, which I can’t see why anyone would not. The vocals again in this song are incredible and I cannot find a single reason to fault it. The message, the instrumentals and the pure talent of Katie makes this by far my favourite song on her debut album.

I truly believe this is the start of something incredible for this talented artist, as I am in complete awe at how incredible this album truly is. I would rate this album overall 4 stars as I can find almost nothing to fault in any of the songs, however I can tell the best is yet to come. I see it as the perfect album to listen to while studying or relaxing, and I cannot wait to be back in the studio to add it to the Radio Caley system as it will be a great addition. As for Katie, I don’t believe this is the last you will be hearing of her at Radio Caley as I  will continue to support her further into her career wherever it may take her. Her album can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon Music and I can promise you, you will not regret giving it a listen. 

Katie can be found on instagram @katiepalmermusic where she regularly posts videos singing or updates on what is coming next.

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