Gig Review: Milkey Chance

Written by on November 14, 2017

On the 10th of November, a dream came true when I went to see Milky Chance perform at the O2 Academy Glasgow. Surrounded by the best company, the best atmosphere and the best music, this will never be a night in which I forget.


Milky Chance are a two piece band originating from Kassel, Germany. They are considered indie but also have reggae tones throughout many of their songs.


The band were joined on their Blossoms tour by FIL BO RIVA, a band I wish I had heard of sooner. I was immediately captured by their performance as they opened with ‘Like Eye Did’, their lyrics holding deep meaning. The band also played other songs such as ‘Killer Queen’ and ‘Franzies’. I can safely say that I haven’t stopped listening to FIL BO RIVA since Friday night.


Following on from their incredible support, Milky Chance took to the stage, opening with deep base tones which their fans knew to be ‘Clouds’. The duo instantly connected with their audience, as everyone sang the lyrics right back to them.


The fans, including myself, danced along with the reggae beats of ‘Ego’, a well known favourite, then ‘Doing Good’. The band continued to talk to their audience in between songs, continuing to express their gratefulness at the support they were being shown.


I always feel an intimate concert in a smaller venue is actually much better than that of a bigger venue such as the Hydro, as their is a stronger bond between artist and fan.


The due continued to dance about the stage with each other during ‘Flashed Junk Mind’ and ‘Blossom’ clearly having the time of their lives and living out their dream. All I could feel was the music and it was at that point that I felt so grateful for the moment I was experiencing. There is nothing like live music and Milky Chance did not fail to disappoint, getting everyone up and dancing with each other.


Me and Elle had been singing ‘Cocoon’ by the band all day in anticipation for the gig, constantly belting out the lyrics of the chorus whenever we had a chance. When the band played the first note on guitar of the much loved track, we knew immediately what it was and started singing along, beaming smiles on our faces. We had waited all day to hear this song and our expectations were met as it was just as good live.


The set list also featured more of the melancholy tracks from the band, such as ‘Fairytale’ and ‘Firebird’. Everyone brought out the flashlights on their phones to sway along with ‘Fairytale’, a moment I’ll never forget as the audience all sang in unison.


The band also included in their encore ‘The Dreamer’, The Tallest Man on Earth cover. This was played entirely acoustic with both band members singing into one mic. This was unique compared to every other concert from their tour, as this was only played at the Glasgow show.


The band then performed their well-known first ever released track ‘Stolen Dance’. The band originally claimed to have ha£ low expectations for this song but it soon became a single which gained a lot of love. They played a more upbeat version for the gig and it was definitely an experience to be had.


It truly was one of the most incredible gigs I have ever experienced, filled with a lot of love and fantastic music. The first chance I get, I will definitely be buying tickets to see them again.

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