Radio Caley Elections 2018

So, the time of year has come for the Radio Caley elections. This is when the Radio Caley Volunteers will choose the team that guides the station for the upcoming academic year. This year’s candidates are as follows:

Position – Station Manager
Alex Rycroft
Charlie Kelly

Position – Head of Programming
Katharina Moos Bille

Position – Head of IT
Chris Brown

Position – Head of Audio Technology
Johnathan England

Position – Head of Multimedia
Ema Sabljak
Emma Duffy
Mairianne Walker

Position – Head of News
Eleanor Duffy
Lawren Matthews

Position – Head of Fundraising
Monica Allen

Position – Head of Music
Chloe Burrell

Position – Head of Events

Good luck to all candidates, and congratulations to those who are elected uncontested.

Radio Caley

Radio Caley

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